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Issue #086

By Megan Hotson, on 12th November 2021

Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring Nike’s virtual trainers, Supreme’s collaboration with Tiffany’s, Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamps, and the world’s first ever Mindfulness trains…

Nike’s Virtual Trainers

Countless brands are beginning to innovate to align themselves with the ever-growing, ever-prominent Metaverse. Nike are amongst these brands innovating by creating a pair of virtual trainers.

Nike has filed multiple applications with both the Trademark office, and the US patent for use on ‘Downloadable virtual goods, namely, computer programs featuring footwear, clothing, headwear’, amongst other accessories. Soon customers will be able to fashion the brands iconic swoosh logo in the metaverse- a virtual environment where consumers can experience a life online using VR or AR.

Nike’s Virtual Trainers

The demand for virtual products has led to the creation of multiple job opportunities for Nike. For example- a virtual material designer, who would need to "combine their experience, problem-solving abilities, and creativity to build the future of Nike Footwear materials".

Nike, alongside other fashion houses’ virtual collections could be sold as digital collectibles or NFT’s. Other brands joining Nike in this virtual venture are Buffalo- the footwear company who created a pair of flaming platformed trainers in partnership with Slooten's digital fashion house the Fabricant.

Supreme X Tiffany’s

Following a successful collaboration with musical duo Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Tiffany’s are continuing to excite their consumers with other promising partnerships. Supreme is also no stranger to luxury collaborations. The fashion brand has seen partnerships with Rimowa, as well as Louis Vuitton.

After rumours circling online, American Streetwear brand and Tiffany’s have now announced their collaboration, which has been designed to celebrate Tiffany’s classical appearance re-imagined with the addition of the Supreme box logo. This collection is titled the new “return to Tiffany” and is set to appeal specifically to a younger generation of shoppers.

Supreme X Tiffany’s

The campaign imagery features Stars Supreme team skateboarder Sean Pablo- and is a clear departure from the more traditional and elegant imagery Tiffany's is closely affiliated with. This shift in direction for Tiffany’s is indicative of their commitment to a new-school brand direction.

This edgy collection launched on November 11th and is now available to browse and buy in Supreme stores. It will also be available to buy in select Tiffany & co. shops on November 12th.

Although, beware- a trip to browse this collection might mean dipping into your savings as prices range from $54 to $1,250.

Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamps

Halloween is well and truly over, and as Christmas ads fill our screens, and the weather takes a wintery turn- it seems only right that Royal Mail unveil their Christmas stamps. Supple Studio have worked alongside the Argentinian artist Jorge Cocco to design Royal Mail’s 2021 festive collection, which illustrates the story of the Nativity.

Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamps

Jorge Cocco’s quirky way of illustrating sacred events with a cubist painting style attracted Supple studios’ attention. The brief given to Cocco upon Supple discovering his art, was to “tell the Nativity story without words – and to create jewel-like colourful stamps that feel very celebratory”.

The collection of stamps includes a variety of “close crops, wider scenes and a mix of characters”, supple studio explains. The mix of bright colours Cocco draws upon relate to different parts of the Nativity story, and help to differentiate denominations, according to the artist.

A small number of the stamps will have barcodes, which will aid with identification and according to Royal Mail are part of their preparation for future innovation of customer services.

The World’s very first Mindfulness Trains

Public transport is synonymous with stress. But what if trains could be re-envisioned to create more harmonious spaces for commuters? The project ‘Inner Journey’ is an initiative being developed on the DLR network to reduce the negative associations made with commuting to encourage commuters to pause and reflect.

Twelve trains have been designed with images of mountains, forests, and oceans on their interior to cultivate a calm and contemplative atmosphere. The project was made possible by the KeolisAmey Docklands- who operate the DLR.

Head of customer experience for DLR, William Layton, commented: “Stress and anxiety can become a barrier to travel and independence. Following the disruption experienced during lockdowns, promoting mental health is paramount. Our ‘Inner Journey’ trains and kiosks aim to encourage our passengers to take time to relax and enjoy their commute.”

The World’s very first Mindfulness Trains

Alongside the re-design of trains, meditation corners have also been added to the platforms of Canary Wharf, Woolwich Arsenal, and Tower Gateway stations- and will be in place for at least six months.

There is a clear desire from people post-pandemic for an environment that can mitigate stress induced in the current climate. We have seen a surge in the fitness and well-being industry as people take to fitness to feel good, and it seems the travel industry is ‘hopping aboard’ and responding to help people enjoy a more peaceful environment.

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