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Then, Now, Next. Staying ahead of a changing consumer - Part six

By Charlotte Hurd, on 4th April 2021

This six-part report looks to the key trends which have been influenced and catalysed by the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe these are what will most strongly influence consumer behaviour as we move deeper into 2021. Brands need to step up or risk being forgotten.

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Part 01

Key considerations for consumers

What kind of effect has the last year had on the way consumers think, act and behave? We unpack the changes which have also been heightened by the challenges and innovations of 2020.

Part 02

Multi-channel & Integrated Brand Experiences

2020 accelerated our shift from physical stores to e-commerce by five years, making the consideration of multichannel experiences and digital tools crucial.

Part 03

Intuitive Convenience and Hyper-locality

2020 revolutionised consumer’s attitudes towards how and where they live and work. How can brands better go about understanding the nuances of communities to meet consumers new priorities?

Part 04

Re-addressing the Sustainability Agenda

Attitudes towards sustainable consumption have reached a tipping point. We’ve moved from aspiration towards necessity, putting the importance of trust and partnership at the top of brands’ agendas.

Part 05

A shift in status

The way consumers interact and spend within the luxury sector (and beyond) has evolved. And innovations are changing how we view status, wellness, sustainability and exclusivity.

Part 06

The content conundrum

Consumer perspectives and wants are inspiring a content world which lives effortlessly across multiple touchpoints. Audiences are more empowered and brand interactions increasingly fluid.

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